martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Modelo Jennifer

 Nuevo Estilo....Modelo Jennifer
 Tamano del vestido es para una Princesa de 3 a 6 meses
 Use hilo Omega 2, 3botones para la partes de atras y 10 botencitos pequenos para el centro de las flores, cinta- se puedes usar a su gusto. Elastico 3/8" para los pantycitos y una mas anchito para la parte de atras de la diadema.

Diadema para el vestido

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Proyectos en progreso//Projects in progress

 Hermosas mis sabanitas y fundas de almohadas...Bordado por mi Amiga Jessica, ahora la terminacion, tejerles los bordes.

Otro proyecto en proceso....Cotitas para bebes
Gracias Amiga Virginia Torres, eres muy especial.  Virginia me las corto y cosio ahora yo a tejerlas.
Cortadas y cocidas por mi amiga Virginia 

viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Model Lenna

Model Lenna

Girl's Sneakers

Girl's Sneakers

Model Beatrice

Model Beatrice
 This Model Beatrice is size 12 months, used Omega 2 Thread, 1.5mm size steel needle

Model Beatrice

Modelo Beatrice
 Another Model Beatrice in white and pink.....done with Omega 2 thread, 1.5mm steel needle

Size Newborn


Model Beatrice

Model Beatrice
 This model is an inspiration of a friend I admire very dearly, her name is Beatrice Montilla.  I met her through Facebook about 2 years ago.  We have become very close sending each other e-mails, helping one another with what we love with a passion, which is crocheting and knitting.  I do most of the crochecting and Beatrice do the knitting...(LOL, I don't do knitting, but one day I look forward into learning)..... even if I haven't had the pleasure to meet her in person due to we both live far away from each other but, I do not lose my hopes that one day we will meet each other.
 This model is my own creation, used Aunt Lydia #10, small pearls and satin ribbon, 3 small buttons.  Dress size is for a newborn baby.

Back of dress

jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

Model Angelivette

This Gown I made for a Princess for her Christening Ceremony

 I made this model from a picture sent to me....I used Aunt Lydia #10 thread, #7, 1.5mm steel hook needle.
Used 6 biege perals buttons